IPF 35 Day Challenge

September’s almost here!  Are you ready to fall back into routine?  Is it time for a health kick-start or a reset?

We can help you create healthy habits that you can live with and enjoy.  We’ll teach you how to move more, eat better, and most importantly, take time for YOU.  ALL levels of fitness and ALL bodies are welcome to take part in this program!  We’ll show you:

  1. how exercise can be enjoyable. (it’s true!)
  2. how you can make simple & smart nutrition choices to help you lose weight and feel great
  3. that you are worth this dedication to your health!

Get FIT with UNLIMITED IPF classes and optional home workouts during your challenge.

Get FUELED with nutritional guidance, inspiration & an optional Food Guide to follow

Get ENERGIZED with super fun, effective challenge workouts, an amazing community of challenge comrades, and superior support from your coaches.

Get RESULTS by being consistent with your nutrition, exercise and water intake.

Get SUPPORT with our exclusive private Facebook Group, just for challengers!

GET EMPOWERED by putting your health first and learning to love the body you live in!

We’ll show you how to fit health and fitness into your busy life. You are worth it!

 The next IPF 35 Day Challenge starts September 12th!  Click here to join now! 









We know you want to live your best life. And we know it isn’t easy. We will show you how to fit health and fitness into your busy life!

All levels of fitness welcome.

How to Reach Us

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