IPF Workshops & Special Events are offered on a regular basis throughout the year.  We love to showcase local instructors and bring in guest teachers from all over BC to educate you on a variety of topics that will educate, inspire and connect our community. 


Conscious Connected Breathing Workshop

with Kyle Stone of Ebb & Flow Breathwork 

The power of our breath is often underestimated. We breathe to manage stress, relax or invigorate the body and mind, fuel the body chemically, massage it physically, and nourish ourselves spiritually. 

In this workshop, learn about the relationship between the breath and the body, mind & spirit.  Kyle will introduce the practice of Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB) to you, and guide a 60-minute CCB breath session. There will be time at the end of the workshop for sharing and questions.

Conscious Connected Breathing is a simple and powerful breathing technique in which we connect our breathing in a circular rhythm, removing any pauses between the inhale and exhale. This sustained deep breathing practice will fuel and cleanse your cardiovascular & lymphatic system. It will massage your internal organs and is very cleansing for the heart. It can be a powerful meditative experience, leading to helpful insight, trauma integration and deep emotional release. 

No prior experience is necessary. All are welcome!

Stay tuned for our next Breath Workshop coming soon! 

Studio IPF | $45+gst | IPF Members: $40 |

Questions? Email kyle@ebbandflowbreath.com or info@studioipf.com 

Learn more about Kyle Stone:

I am fascinated by the power of our breath. Through Breathwork we can cleanse, heal, relax, and energize the body, mind & soul. My personal experience with breathwork has been transformational and has become the biggest anchor in my life, my greatest tool for managing stress and regulating my nervous system through the Ebbs & Flows of life.
My real interest in breathwork began with pranayama techniques during different yoga classes, and my urge to explore free diving. The experience and science of free diving really spiked my interest, and so I completed an extensive program on breathwork science and began the process of becoming a Wim Hoff Method Instructor. It was not too long after that I found the Psychospiritual component of breathwork. (CCB) Conscious Connected Breathing/ Transformational Breathwork/ Integrative Breathwork. I completed a 415 hour training program on CCB, which was a very personal and transformative journey for myself, beyond the educational component.
There are so many ways to breathe and utilize the breath. It is the most direct connection to your nervous system and your soul. I believe we all deserve to know and feel this! I want to bring the science and spiritual components of breathwork together, and show you how to apply it within your life, in what ever way you need.


APRIL Sunday Sound Healing   

Join Michelle Hebert from Sacred Sound Healing for a monthly sound experience.  April is Ocean Theme month. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with and honour the energy of the ocean.
This healing experience begins with breathing, stretching and movement (all beginner level) which allows the nervous system to prepare for the sound vibration. Participants then lie down in Shavasana to experience the mystical and healing sounds of the ocean, dolphins and whales combined with the healing vibrations of gongs, crystal bowls and other sound-healing instruments. The combination of the sounds allows for the mind and body to enter into a deep state of meditation and healing.

Dr. Michelle Hebert DC, MPH, CHt, E-RYT, has worked in the field of mind-body medicine and wellness for over 20 years and has developed expertise in leading individual and group healing sessions that include sound healing instruments, meditation, guided visualization, and yogic techniques.
This special event takes place at the studio. No previous sound healing or yoga experience is necessary.

Sunday April 14th from 4:00-5:30pm at Studio IPF | $35+gst | IPF Members: save 15% 

Click here to hold your spot now, or find the Special Events tab on the IPF App.
Questions? Email info@studioipf.com or Michelle Hebert at Sacred Sound Healing sshealinginfo@gmail.com


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