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 Ready to get moving from the comfort and convenience of home? Save time, save the commute and start feeling fabulous now! We have over 25 LIVE-STREAMED classes a week, as well as our full IPF library of recorded workouts. . Try 7 Days of Virtual Classes and experience the awesomeness of Inner Pursuit Online. ALL levels and ALL bodies welcome.

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We offer a variety of group classes to suit your needs. Join us for the IPF FIT 45, Strength & CORE 45, Rise & Rock Bootcamp, IPF Cardio Dance Workout & more!


Using the TRX Suspension Trainer, develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Train movement and get strong fast!


All levels welcome, yoga will unite body, mind and breath. We offer a variety of formats, including Yoga for Absolute Beginners.


Pilates will enhance every movement based activity you do, from daily chores, to your favourite sport or leisure activity. Connect to your core!


Guest teachers from all over Vancouver Island and the Mainland come to Studio IPF to share their knowledge and expertise in a variety of topics and classes.


IPF Challenges are an awesome kick-start! Get back in shape, or we’ll get you started on your fitness & health journey. All levels & all bodies are welcome.  Our challenges are now 100% on-line!  Take part from wherever you are!

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 Studio IPF is OPEN!  Join us at the studio or online (or both!), whatever is most convenient for you. Either way, we’ll get you moving and feeling strong in your body and mind, as you connect to our amazing team and IPF community. 

Get the IPF App to book your classes now.  Click here if you have an iPhone and click here if you have an android device to download now.

Click here to check out our extensive fitness, yoga and Pilates drop-in schedule where you can use your IPF class pass, IPF Membership, or drop-in!  Classes include: 

6am IPF Rise & Rock Workout, IPF FIT 45 (that’s our HIIT class that stands for FUN Interval Training), IPF Strength & Core, Cardio Dance, IPF Cardio Box, Zumba as well as a variety of Yoga, Pilates and Fusion classes. We welcome ALL levels and ALL bodies to join us at the studio or online from the comfort of home. 

IPF 21 Day Feel Amazing for the Holidays Challenge

Why wait until the New Year to start reaching your health goals when you can feel amazing just in time for the holidays? 

If you’re tired of starting over and over with your fitness and health routine, or if you don’t know where to start, this program is for you. Learn how to fit in fitness, self-care and healthy eating, in doable, simple steps. Designed specifically for busy women, we’ll show you how to take time for YOU (and it doesn’t take much!) to feel strong in your body and mind, and live your best life. 

This program includes FULL, unlimited access to ALL of our drop-in classes…at the studio and online! 

We kick-off on Tuesday Nov 29th at 6:30pm online.  We meet each Tuesday night through the challenge for a weekly health topic and exclusive group coaching. 

Click here if you’re ready to feel amazing!  Space is limited. 


Pelvic floor health is finally being talked about and addressed in the fitness world and beyond. If you want to learn more about your body and this topic, this class is for you!

Do you suffer from incontinence? (in other words, do you pee a little or a lot when you cough, laugh, jump or sneeze?) Incontinence and pelvic pain do NOT have to be part of your life.  This session is designed for women of all ages and stages. Learning to activate your deep core muscles correctly through movement and exercise is key to maintaining a healthy pelvic floor. We’ll talk about REtraining before you train, and you’ll learn a series of specific exercises you can do anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re simply curious, or you have issues that relate to childbirth, perimenopause, menopause, injury, athletic pursuits, or sitting at a desk for long hours, this class & the knowledge you’ll gain, can help.
Join Core Confidence Specialist and Pilates Instructor Leanne Zdebiak-Eni, for an informative six-week session that takes place in the studio, or online from the convenience of your home. If you can’t make the time,  sign up for the online version & we’ll send you the recordings each week. 


 If you’re interested in joining us for the January session, just email info@studioipf.com to join the waitlist. 

 For more info, or if you have any questions about classes, programs or reaching your goals, please email us at info@studioipf.com.

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