Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to a class at IPF?

It depends on the class, but you should always bring your water bottle and yoga mat. (If you forget your mat, don’t worry, we have loaners.) For fitness classes, be sure to pack your clean, indoor runners. And wear whatever you feel comfortable in that allows you to move freely.

If I’m just starting out or just getting back into Exercise, are there any classes I should avoid?

Definitely not. Our classes are designed to suit all levels of fitness with options and modifications given so that you can listen to any issues or injuries you may have and adjust accordingly. You also have the opportunity to push your body hard! Every BODY is different, and we provide you the opportunity to do what feels right in each and every class.

Please email leanne@studioipf.com if you need help finding a class.

What would you recommend for someone who doesn’t enjoy the gym and hasn’t exercised much?

The great news is, Studio IPF is definitely not a gym! If you’ve had a not so great experience at a gym, you’ll want to check us out, and the IPF 28 Day Challenge is an excellent starting point. This program is educational, motivational and fun! You’ll get to try lots of different classes and formats and hopefully find workouts that you enjoy with other awesome people!

Who can do Pilates and Yoga at IPF?

Almost anyone can do our Pilates and Yoga classes. Although they are two different systems and philosophies, both give you similar benefits. They both promote mindfulness as you connect to your body through breath. They will help you de-stress, improve your posture, increase flexibility, strengthen your deep core muscles and help you move better in your everyday activities . If you have health concerns, it’s a good idea to get the advice of your doctor before starting any exercise program.

I’ve done lots of Yoga, do I still need to start with Beginner Pilates?

The short answer to this question is YES! In the beginner level we build the foundation and you’ll learn proper core engagement and Pilates terminology. Starting with the Beginner Level session will ensure your Pilates workouts are not only safe, but also effective.

What can I expect in Pilates Core Conditioning?

In your first session, (Beginner Pilates), you will learn the basic principles of Pilates. Most exercises take place on the mat, either seated or lying on your back, stomach or sometimes your side. In this level you will lay the groundwork that is necessary to make your core workouts safe, effective and efficient. This will prepare you to move on to the intermediate and advanced levels, where you will really start to feel the changes that take place in your deep core muscles. Pilates works your body from the inside out in a very profound way. Be prepared to put in the time for your muscles to feel it!

What’s best? The 10 or 20 class pass or the IPF Monthly Membership?

Only you know what’s best for you. We provide lots of pricing options so that you can make a choice that suits your life. If you plan on coming to two or more classes a week, the Membership makes a lot of sense financially. And it typically motivates our clients to come regularly and reap the benefits of living an active lifestyle. If you have questions about pricing options, please email info@studioipf.com and we’ll be happy to help you make a wise choice.

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