Yoga at IPF

PLEASE NOTE:  Currently ALL IPF Yoga classes are offered on-line, from the comfort and convenience of home!  
We love introducing people to the power of yoga. What we learn on our yoga mat translates into everyday life. By taking the time to focus on your body, you’ll be prepared to handle whatever life throws your way.

Now more than ever, we all need ways to combat stress, not only in our bodies, but especially in our minds. 

Yoga increases flexibility and strength and helps reduce anxiety.  It will regulate energy flow to attain a calm, relaxed mind. No previous yoga experience is necessary, and being flexible is not a prerequisite.

Our talented and diverse team of yoga instructors bring their own personality and flavour to Studio IPF.  They are highly trained, experienced and certified to teach yoga classes that are well planned, safe and enjoyable!



Focusing on physical postures, deep breathing, mindfulness and listening to your body, we’ll move through some of the more basic Hatha yoga asanas (postures) while weaving in breathing practice and yoga philosophy. Emphasis is on core strength, flexibility, balance, concentration and breath control. 

Wednesdays 6:15-7:15pm & Sundays 9:15-10:15am


Yin Yoga is a quiet practice that uses long held floor postures to stimulate the connective tissue that forms our joints. Each class targets the lower back and spine, hips and upper legs. This practice helps to restore the natural range of motion in the joints and offers the potential for deep release. The focus is less on striving, and more about acceptance as we slow down and connect body and mind. All levels are welcome.

Fridays 8:00-9:00am

Sunday chill yoga

 IPF Sunday CHILL Yoga will allow you to transition from your weekend into the week ahead. This class will incorporate simple sequences, flows, and deep stretches to promote joint mobility, help relieve stress & muscle tension, and encourage relaxation. Class will finish with a lovely restorative component.

Our Sunday Yoga is suitable for all levels and abilities.

Sundays 7pm


IPF RESTore Yoga

Long day?  Long year? This class will help you unwind and move into a state of deep relaxation. We will move you from the stress response to the rest and digest response to induce healing.

The class will begin with gentle movement to warm your body and get the kinks out. We will then move into restorative postures, fully supporting the body with props. The class ends with a guided meditation and savasana. You will leave in a state of bliss, prepped for a great night’s sleep.  The best part? From home you can do this class in your PJ’s!  

Tuesdays 8:00-9:00pm 


the IPF 40 Day YOGA Challenge starts January 11th! 

Leanne Zdebiak






This popular class gives you the best of many worlds: Pilates, Yoga, Barre and Fitness!  A sweet symphony of movement, blended with awesome music that will keep you energized and motivated.  Leave class feeling refreshed and relaxed.  No previous Pilates or yoga experience required.

Tuesdays at 5pm and Thursdays at 9:15am

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