Group Fitness

Ready to get fit? No matter where you’re at, we can help you reach your goals!  Classes can be taken at the studio or  online, from the comfort and convenience of home! Get the IPF App to see the current schedule and sign up. 

IPF group fitness classes are flexible, effective, FUN and suitable for ALL levels. Come when it’s convenient.


   IPF F.I.T. 45

 The evidence is in. High Intensity Interval Training helps reverse aging processes!
At IPF we call it Fun Interval Training, and it’s a short, sweet and sweaty 45 minute class. We’ll use a variety of high intensity training techniques like Tabata, circuit training and more, to work your cardio and your strength. It’s quick, it’s extremely effective, and it’s FUN!



Strong muscles are key to good posture, balance and being able to do the things you love to do! This total body workout will sculpt, tone and build muscle from the inside of your body, out!  Get strong, get centered and connect to your body’s support system…your core! 

In true IPF style, this class will offer lots of variety and we’ll make it as FUN as we possibly can!



Bellyfit is coming BACK to Studio IPF this Fall!  Bellyfit® is the holistic fitness class designed specifically for women. 

Powerful, fluid fitness movements blend seamlessly with mindful breath and magical Mudras for an experience designed to help you connect with your unique Feminine strength and energy.  Each Bellyfit® workout is designed to offer everything we need in one beautifully compact 60 minutes ~ 40 minutes of stress-reducing cardio dance, 10 minutes of full body toning, and 10 minutes of Yoga inspired stretching and meditation. 

IPF Box FIT 45 

  Ready to box it out? (don’t worry…you won’t actually hit anyone or anything…we just incorporate super fun boxing inspired moves). The IPF BoxFIT workout combines an awesome playlist with basic techniques for punching and kicking.  This workout offers a combo of fitness conditioning, standing core and boxing moves, all choreographed to high energy and motivating music. It’s a super fun blend of cardiovascular, strength and endurance training that will improve balance and coordination.  All levels and all bodies are welcome. 




If you’re too busy to exercise, we have the solution…squeeze your workout in before work!  6am-7am Mon/Wed/Fri. Our Rise & Rock instructors make this total body workout fun and adaptable to ALL levels of fitness. This class brings in fun drills, skills and games to get your sweat on! 

IPF circuit 30


Think you can’t get the benefits of a workout in 30 minutes? Think again!
This circuit-style workout incorporates a variety of strength training exercises as you move from station to station. 
 Take on each exercise at your own pace while being coached and guided by an IPF instructor. 
 In true IPF style, this class will offer lots of variety and we’ll make it as FUN as we possibly can!  



Friday nights are back at IPF!  Join us for a super fun total body workout designed for ALL levels and ALL bodies. Finish your week strong and energized!  This class is all about variety.  Each week we’ll use a mix of equipment, techniques and motivating music to help you get the most out of this class.  FRIDAY FIT will be held IN STUDIO. Please bring clean, indoor running shoes, your water bottle and your own mat if you have one. 



It’s time to have some fun. Everybody and every BODY!  Each Zumba class is designed to bring people together to sweat it on.

We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for a super fun, energy-boosting, dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.



Zumba Gold is similar to regular Zumba but it’s performed at a slower tempo with simpler moves. This is a perfect class if you’re easing your way back to exercise, or you simply like a slower pace.  Enjoy easy-to-follow choreography that focuses on balance, cardiovascular & muscle conditioning, flexibility and balance.
 NO PREVIOUS DANCE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.  ALL levels and ALL bodies are welcome. 


Need some more fun in your life?
This dance-based fitness class will include combos inspired by a variety of movement and music styles.
Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and sweat on your brow!
Influences will include Jazz, House, Street, Swing, Latin, Funk, Bollywood and more!

IPF Strength & Stretch

This popular class gives you the best of two worlds: Strengthening and stretching.  A sweet symphony of movement, blended with awesome music that will keep you energized and motivated. Feel strong, stretched out and energized. No previous Pilates or yoga experience required. 

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