IPF Mat Pilates

Do you feel out of shape and ready to ease back into exercise?  Has your back pain prevented you from doing the activities you love? Or are you ready to add something new and beneficial to your current exercise routine? 

Pilates is an excellent place to start your journey back to movement and better health. It’s an innovative and super-effective system of mind-body exercise.

Pilates will enhance every movement-based activity you do, from your everyday chores to your favourite sport or leisure activity. It is suitable for ALL bodies and ALL levels of fitness.

IPF Mat Pilates classes are offered in studio or on-line.   

Registered Beginner Pilates

6 Week Session | Wednesdays at 10:30am, September 13th – October 18th .

Can’t make that time? Sign up for the online class and get access to the recording!

Click here to register now, or find the REGISTERED PILATES tab on the IPF App.  

Pelvic Health Pilates

Pelvic floor health is finally being talked about and addressed in the fitness world and beyond. If you want to learn more about your body and this topic, this class is for you. 

6 Week Session |  Monday nights at 6:15pm, September 18th – October 30th.                 

Click here to learn more and sign up. 

Questions? Email info@studioipf.com and we would love to help you find a class that works for you!

Times don’t work? Register for the online class and we’ll send you the recording for each week.

Drop-In Pilates

DROP-IN to Intermediate Pilates on Tuesdays at 9:05am and Total Body Pilates on Thursdays at 9:05am

Previous Pilates experience is suggested for these class.  Hold your spot on the IPF App drop-in schedule. 

Take a class in a way that makes you feel most comfortable….either from the comfort and convenience of home, or in our beautiful, spacious studio. Our clients love both options!   


Tone muscles throughout the entire body
Teach you to activate and strengthen deep core muscles
Teach you to activate and strengthen deep core muscles
Improve body awareness, posture and the way you move!
Alleviate stress and tension
Improve back pain
Make you feel great!
Energize you


 At Studio IPF, our STOTT Pilates certified instructors have the experience necessary to provide you with a safe, effective Pilates Core Conditioning workout. Our Pilates classes incorporate a variety of core training techniques and the use of props or small equipment to make your workout more exciting and challenging. We’ll also introduce you the importance of neutral posture and how to connect to your pelvic floor.


Questions?  Please email info@studioipf.com or call 250-703-2673. 

Registered Pilates Classes


This is the starting point for your Pilates Matwork, no matter what your fitness level. Build a strong foundation & learn the basic principles. This is where you will learn mind body connection and correct core engagement, so crucial to getting the most benefit from Pilates.

pelvic floor pilates

This session will teach you how to incorporate awareness of your deep core and pelvic floor muscles into your day, and your workouts. We’ll combine movements from Pilates and basic fitness to help you apply this knowledge to whatever activities you love to do.


Come when you can to Intermediate, Power Pilates or Fusion Flow, which blends Yoga, Pilates and an awesome playlist.

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